Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality SDK: Which are the best SDKs for Development in 2017 2

The role of AR SDK in App Development: Augmented Reality comes down to the following three fundamental questions: where to display what and how. Where: The where might involve areas like 2-D image matching and tracking, 3-D object matching and tracking, SLAM tracking, and location tracking (using GPS) and sensor-based tracking using accelerometer, compass, gyroscope. Sometimes the […]


VR, AR, And MR: What’s The Difference?

VR? AR? MR? …… Confused??? AR, VR and MR offer consumers a remarkable world of interactive and immersive engagement — whether that’s incorporating information and imagery into our everyday environment or submerging ourselves completely into another world. Now that mixed reality technology has joined the race to trick our senses. HoloLens and other […]