ARreverie Technology! Dreaming with open eyes

We just invent, then wait until someone like you, comes around to explore what we’ve Invented!

If there was one word to describe you it would be: Createabitionate (Creative, Ambitious, Passionate). But… If there was one word to describe your current job, it would be, Boring.

ARReverie, The Professional IT Consulting

“You’ve got something important to do, design, develop, write, or say…and we are here to help you do that like the friggin’ rockstar you are!” 


ARReverie is a brainchild of Sanket Prabhu (Technology Evangelist in XR (MR/AR/VR), Unity3D). ARReverie Technology always helps to build a unique accelerator to your business. ARReverie Technology delivers technical solutions to ensure the success of critical missions on the ground. At ARReverie we base our offerings on an understanding exact client’s business requirements and provide dependable, reliable IT Solutions. 

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